How to choose the host power cord?

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First, the brand manufacturer
The manufacturers of power supply are tens of millions, the quality varies widely, and the price difference is not big. Inferior power cords may have short-circuits, fires, etc. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the power cord of the mainstream manufacturers.

Second, the appearance of work
After getting the hand, look at the appearance of the work is fine, whether there are problems such as burrs, excess plastic trimming, etc., the thickness of the lead is moderate, neat or not, and problems must be returned in time.

Third, the power size and weight
Before you buy or after you start, you should take the weight in your hand. The power cord is generally heavier. A good power cord can support more power.
Fourth, safety specifications
For a good power cord, the jack on the top ground strap will be slightly higher than the other two jacks. When purchasing, it is best to purchase a national 3C certified power cord.

Fifth, wire quality
The good power cord is wrapped with flame-retardant PVC, which is resistant to heat and does not leak electricity. The core is preferably made of pure copper core material. The copper core has small resistance, low heat generation and good electrical conductivity. It effectively avoids the hot line caused by long-term use and reduces safety hazards.

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