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The power of the computer is also an indispensable part of the computer hardware configuration. No power can be turned on, and other hardware devices can't get power. Let's take a look today. How to connect other devices to the power cord. The power cord is a nightmare for Mengxin. The power lines are various, some are big and small, and Mengxin doesn't know how to pick it up. Let's get to know these lines.

1, the motherboard 24PIN line
The motherboard is actually a 20+4 PIN line merged. Now the motherboard is 24PIN, so the 24PIN power cable is the power supply for the motherboard. It is the largest of all the lines and is better recognized.

2, CPU 8PIN line
The CPU is composed of 4+4PIN power supply line. At present, it is basically 8PIN. Therefore, it is also called 8PIN power supply line. It mainly supplies power to the CPU. The 8PIN line is usually inserted into an 8-hole socket near the CPU to power the CPU.

3, graphics card power supply line
The power supply card of the power supply is generally divided into 2 and 3 groups, each group is 6+2PIN, a total of 8PIN. This is because different graphics cards have different requirements. Some graphics cards do not need additional power supply lines, and are directly transmitted by the motherboard. Some graphics cards It is a 6PIN power supply line, while some require an 8pin power supply line, and some even have 8+6, 8+8 high specification power supply.

4, sata power supply line
At present, only the hard disk is needed to use the SATA interface, and the long one is quite special. Generally, it is the same interface as the following figure.

5, big 4PIN power supply line
Responsible for powering other hardware, now basically only used for the fan of the chassis.

6, the final summary
All types of rough power cords are introduced. In fact, there are several types of power cords. As long as you clearly know what line it is, what you do is much simpler.

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